We all experience a range of emotions, from the very high highs to sometimes very low lows. While life would be most enjoyable only experiencing the high of positive emotions, to fully exist in life we must experience the range of emotions from the negative to the positive. Every emotion must be experienced to truly help us understand and appreciate our state of being when we live through each feeling. When experiencing the negatives in life, it is important to feel it, respect it, but not to sit with that emotion for too long- there is always a brightness on the other side of even the most painful of emotions and experiences.
Venice fireworks
Daniel Paul Izzard / June 2010
Oil on canvas
A Boat
Daniel Paul Izzard / June 2010
Acrylic on canvas / 76.2 x 61 cm (30 x 24 in.)
Park Manceau
Daniel Paul Izzard / May 2000
Oil on canvas / 48 x 48 in