Art is playful. One of the ways in which I like to express joy, whimsy and love for close friends and relatives is to create a painting depicting loved ones as animals. Often our personality aligns with the behaviour of animals; as such we tend to see elements of ourselves in our favourite animals. One way in which we can honour people and the memories we share with each other is to recreate those people and moments as if those people present in that memory, were animals. It’s fantastical, it’s whimsical, it’s lovely. Your best people, your best memories, captured through the perfect combination of colour, expression and movement. Bring joy and the feeling of light-hearted daydreams to your space through one of these pieces created specifically for you.
Poker Tournament
Elina Katkova / March 2017
mixed media, oil on canvas, original playing cards, framed / 62 x 38 in
Family As Cats
Elina Katkova / March 2017
Oil on canvas / 50 x 38 in
Getting Old Fat Cat
Elina Katkova / April 2009
Ink on watercolors / 23 x 31
Fish triptych
Elina Katkova / July 2006
Oil on canvas / 48 x 60 in
Fish triptych 2
Elina Katkova / July 2006
Oil on canvas / 24 x 48 in
Fish triptych 3
Elina Katkova / July 2006
Oil on canvas / 6.5 x 36 in