Elina Katkova / March 2017
Oil on canvas / 64 x 44 in

The poppy is indeed an iconic image. The powerful message that it conveys through honouring the men and women who fought for our country in armed conflicts throughout history, to the pop-culture significance of Dorothy getting lost amidst the field of poppies- this flower carries with it a world of meaning. This series means different things to different people. The meaning you attach to the delicate flower is yours alone; and therefore the artwork from this series will resonate differently depending on the life experience you carry with you as you appreciate the pieces in this series.

  • Poppy Seed Series

“Presence”: The subject of this piece quietly demands attention through its unique placement on the canvas and the framing of the subject. The use of colour and line draws the eye to the poppy and the powerful message that it carries. Simultaneously embody tranquility and honour, the poppy demands attention while maintaining an air of subtlety. This piece reminds the viewer that one can command attention without even saying a word; attention is achieved through presence alone.

“Inspiration”: The ability of the poppy flower to grow in even the ugliest conditions provides a juxtaposition that can inspire us all to strive to be our best. It is precisely through adversity that we grow into the best versions of ourselves. The beauty that comes from facing obstacles and overcoming them gives us an inner strength and a confidence in ourselves that transcends beyond physical beauty alone. The resilience and aesthetics of the poppy is truly a miracle of nature- and an inspiration.